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Judi Cohen

Judi Cohen teaches Mindfulness for Lawyers at Berkeley Law and runs

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What attorneys say about Essential Mindfulness for Lawyers...

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Study ethics that support your effectiveness and wellbeing. Become less reactive, more emotionally intelligent, and more in control of your states of mind. Learn to recognize bias and align yourself on the side of diversity, equity, and belonging. Understand competence as a pathway to better lawyering and greater happiness in the profession.

All Seven Courses - $299*

  • Course 1 - Ethics: The Argument for Mindfulness for the Legal Mind
  • Course 2 - Ethics: Mindful Communication is Ethical Communication
  • Course 3 - Ethics:  Ethical Tools for Working with Difficult Emotions
  • Course 4 - Ethics: Compassion is Crucial to Powerful, Ethical Advocacy
  • Course 5 - Elimination of Bias: Reducing Bias to Support Equity & Belonging in the Law
  • Course 6 - Implicit Bias: Seeing and Understanding Implicit Bias
  • Course 7 - Competence: Mindful Lawyering is Competent Lawyering

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