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Judi Cohen

Judi Cohen teaches Mindfulness for Lawyers at Berkeley Law and runs

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About this course

Welcome to our online, on demand version of Essential Mindfulness for Lawyers® Basic Training. Once you sign up, you can watch the videos, review the written materials, and listen to and download the guided meditations whenever you want and in any order you want (although we recommend starting with Course One and doing all six courses).

Mindfulness, for lawyers, is like having a superpower: you’re the one who can bring calm, focus, and wisdom to even the most challenging situations and relationships. You're the one who goes home happy at the end of the day, and sleeps well at night.

That’s because when you practice mindfulness, you’re no longer trapped by reactivity, anxiety, or worry. You develop positive, productive habits of mind. You discover the value of self-compassion. You gain the ability to deal with whatever comes your way, with resilience and equanimity. 

We developed Essential Mindfulness for Lawyers® Basic Training because there are a lot of mindfulness trainers out there, and generic training may not address the specific issues lawyers face. EML Basic Training provides core mindfulness instruction but also includes specific perspectives on mindfulness for the legal mind.

The six courses in EML Basic Training are:

  • Mindfulness as a foundation for ethical lawyering (CA Ethics Credit)
  • Mindful communication is ethical communication (CA Ethics Credit)
  • Building resilience for greater competence in the law (CA Competence Issues Credit)
  • Emotional intelligence for ethical practice (CA Ethics Credit)
  • Mindfulness tools to mitigate bias in the profession (CA Elimination of Bias Credit)
  • Mindful, ethical law practices and organizations (CA Ethics Credit)

We're not exaggerating when we say that everyone who's taken EML Basic Training, loves it. You probably saw some of the comments: 

  • I loved every minute and every dollar spent.
  • I learned a tremendous amount in such a short time.
  • [EML Basic Training] has been the most valuable MCLE that I have completed in over 21 years of law practice.

We think you'll feel the same way. So, sign up! Enjoy the benefits of your new superpower. It might just make you a Super Lawyer.

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