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Judi Cohen

Judi Cohen teaches Mindfulness for Lawyers at Berkeley Law and runs

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About this course

At Warrior One, we're lawyers. We understand the challenges: huge volumes of work, difficult cases and really difficult people, a culture that rewards perfectionism and competition, and living surrounded by conflict. All of which can lead to overwhelm, anxiety, exhaustion, even reduced competency.  

Extensive research shows that mindfulness helps overcome these obstacles and leads to competent, resilient, joyful lawyering. The 2017 ABA Path to Lawyer Wellbeing Report, the seminal treatise on the matter, states that, "To be a good lawyer, one has to be a healthy lawyer," and offers this ringing endorsement of mindfulness meditation:

Mindfulness meditation is a practice that can enhance cognitive reframing (and thus resilience)..., reduce rumination, stress, depression, and anxiety[, and] enhance a host of competencies related to lawyer effectiveness, including ...focus and concentration, working memory, critical cognitive skills, reduced burnout, and ethical and rational decision-making.... Evidence also suggests it can enhance the sense of work-life balance....

Our six-course Essential Mindfulness for Lawyers® Basic Training gives you the tools to do all of that, and more. The program not only provides a core training in mindfulness, but includes specific perspectives on mindfulness for the legal mind. In EML Basic Training, you'll gain:

  • A foundation for ethical advocacy and communication
  • Increased resilience
  • Greater competency in your law practice
  • Expanded emotional intelligence
  • A deeper understanding of how to recognize and eliminate bias, and
  • Strategies to build and maintain a mindful, ethical career in the law 

The big bonus is, you can also earn six (6) California MCLE credits, including  all of the speciality credits: 4 units of Ethics, 1 unit of Recognition and Elimination of Bias in the Legal Profession and Society, and 1 unit of Competence Issues.**  

Each of the six courses in EML Basic Training  includes extensively researched written materials, a 1.25-hour video, downloadable bonus slides, and guided meditations. 

Thousands of lawyers across North America have taken Essential Mindfulness for Lawyers®. Become one of them. Become a mindful lawyer, and make this the year you add greater competence, resilience, and wellness to your legal toolbox.

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** California MCLE credits at this special Compliance Period Discount of $229 are available through January 31, 2019 only.